Photo by Nathan Myhrvold


Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

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About Nathan

Nathan Myhrvold is often referred to as a visionary technology and business leader. Here you will find links to his scientific research papers, photo essays, memos and contributed articles as well as videos and articles
detailing his diverse
business and
personal pursuits.

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Featured Essay

What’s Wrong with NEOWISE

In a 2016 preprint and two papers published online in December 2017 titled “Asteroid thermal modeling in the presence of reflected sunlight” and June 2018, “An empirical examination of WISE/NEOWISE asteroid analysis and results” in the journal Icarus, I raised a number of scientific, methodological, and ethical problems with the NEOWISE asteroid research project and its published papers and results. In this article, I summarize the problems in a less formal way than the papers, and I explain how the scientific misconduct that I found can be verified by anyone. Unlike a formal research paper I can also include the NEOWISE group’s response; these are shown to be specious with similarly simple methods. This is a follow-up to my earlier article “A Simple Guide to NEOWISE Problems,” which I posted to Medium two years ago.

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Fresh Perspective

Why We Need Innovative Nuclear Power

Our future will depend on finding every possible source of reliable, carbon-free energy

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Featured Photo Essays

Lions: Africa’s Magnificent Predators
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